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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

I thought because Christmas is just around the corner, I would do some Christmas faves for you all.
1) Christmas Light Displays: I got home from work late tonight and even later than I normally would of because I took a bit of a scenic route to see some of the beautiful Christmas light displays that are up. Some of the displays are amazing! Such talented people out there. A few are set to music as well. It is quite a bit foggy outside tonight and that just added to the magical quality of the light displays I think.

2) Shortbread: It is my favorite cookie of all the year. I love it just plain, no cherries, or dip in chocolate. It has to be made with real butter too. Believe it or not, I know a couple of people who actually use margarine to make their shortbread. That is just wrong!! (I am also one of those strange people that loves fruitcake, the dark kind!)

3) Eggnog: I am glad this only comes out on special holidays. If it was available all year round it might not be so wonderful. I love eggnog in lots of different ways - ice cream, with rum, lattes, straight up, substitute for coffee cream. I like it warmed up as well, in drinks in place of milk. It makes excellent french toast as well.

4) Candy Cane Ice Cream: Another thing that its good it is only out at Christmas. I don't even waste time getting a bowl. I am the only one in this house that thinks this is wonderful. So I can eat it right out of the container with no guilt at all!!

5) Ponsettias, Garlands, Wreaths, Christmas decorations: and here is the wierd part in that I don't like putting them up and especially hate to take them down. I love seeing others decorations and store displays. I just don't like decorating in my own home. Weird huh???

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Brenda said...

I love all the things you mention. I never keep eggnog in the house, but I love to drink it when I go out. Its just so rich you can have it all by itself!

elizabeth said...

I cannot even imagine shortbread made with margarine! I do love this time of year for all the reason you mentioned. I just found a recipe for egg nog pound cake - can you even imagine how bad that is for you...and yet oh so good???

Karyn said...

A perfect list.....I love dark fruit cake and plain shortbread cookies as well. Love all your uses for eggnog! Christmas lights are magical....love 'em.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Willow said...

We drink our eggnogg hot, with brandy and nutmeg. Mmmmm!

I'm a huge fruitcake fan too. Since I'm in the minority at my house, I get to eat it ALL! My sil just sent me my own loaf.

Merry Christmas@

Susanne said...

Love your Christmasy faves. I love the light displays too! There are some really nice ones around here.

Nooooo! Shortbread, with margarine? May it never be! I'm making a batch tomorrow and it will be the real thing baby!

Our grocery store had chocolate egg nog. I just had to try that. It was alright. Good in coffee.

No FFF this Christmas friday but we'll be back next week.

Merry Christmas!