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Monday, December 28, 2009

Macro Monday

At times I have such a hard time not to be so critical of the pictures I take. I swear I am my own worst enemy. I go through stages where I don't see at all the things I see when I am taking the picture. I get onto my computer and I scratch my head in wonder about where the heck this photo came from. I swear I saw something different when I snapped the photo.
I get so that I won't let anyone see the photos I have taken or fight the fight not to just delete the lot and hope for better shots next time.
It comes down in the end though to more than just what I am seeing in the photos. I take a look at where my life is at that moment and see that I have things I need to take care of, areas where I am critical of where my life is at the moment. Take care of those and I do see things in a different manner. Suddenly my photography makes some sense.
So here is a shot of me taking a shot of me, or maybe I should say me taking a shot at me!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone the best of the New Year.

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Jay said...

Hahaha! Well, we all have those moments of self-doubt, but it's a good idea to keep those photos for a while. If nothing else you can look back and see how far you've progressed at some point in the future!

villager said...

A good dose of self-examination never hurt me, for sure. Nice photo of self-shooting!

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations. Cameras are totally dumb and don't share our visions. They just record what's in front of them. Our fantastic minds manage to filter out what doesn't interest us.

Don't beat yourself up. Go take more pictures. Neat self portrait.

Olga said...

I sometimes feel exactly the same way. I wish we could see our photos as others see them: without knowing they are ours. Does that make sense?

Kala said...

I've deleted hundreds of photos in the past and am not happy that I was not happy with those shots because I'd truly like to see some of them again! We sometimes are our own worst enemies.

Wishing you a lovely new year.