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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Its time I think for another batch of pictures. Scarf is growing so fast. If you look back on the first pictures I posted you will really see the difference. She is about 11 weeks old now and has really settled into her new home.
She still has remnants of her shaky beginnings here. She still seems to have a eating disorder. If its not nailed down she will attempt to eat it. Needless to say, I have to make sure the floors and carpets are always clean. As well, we have to keep our older cat's food put away when he is not eating. She will polish off all her food then work on his if given half a chance. He is a nibbler when it comes to eating. He likes to graze all day on his food so he is not liking the fact his food is put away.
She loves to stalk things too. Her favorite things are up on the back of the couch and will attack my hair, especially if it is pulled back. She has sharp little razor blade claws.
She does not tire easily either. She is a going concern most of the time. I bought her a small catnip mouse and she went after it for hours.
She likes her butt pushed up against the pillows of the couch when she finally does stop for a rest. She always seems to have to touch something for comfort I guess to go to sleep. At night she sleeps on the bed with Speed, or between the Bear and I on the bed.
Vaccine shots coming up next week. Another trip to the vet for that!!
I will post more pictures, you can see how she grows!!

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