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Saturday, October 24, 2009


I don't remember many of my dreams, just the odd occasional one that brings me to conciousness with its last tendrils of unreality swirling about my sleepy brain. I know most nights I do dream, but the dreams are far gone in the morning light.
So when I do have a dream that jerks me from sound sleep and stays with me for the day I try to look at it and deduce its hidden messages. I've heard that dreams are the lives we should be living in our awakened states. They carry the messages we can't deny, the things we long to say, the beliefs we should not scoff at. Our hidden thoughts. Portents of the future.
I had a dream of having a hole in the side of my leg that bothered me, one that I kept scratching until the hole grew and the inside was revealed. I reached in and grabbed with two fingers a swatch of hair and pulled. I pulled and pulled and a long strand of hair kept coming and coming and coming out. I just pulled and pulled. I could see this like it was really happening, feel the hair coming out of my leg, feel inside the hole and inside my leg the sensation of it coming out. I felt more and more drained as this happened and could see my self become smaller and smaller the more I pulled. I was pulling mself apart. I was literally pulling my hair out.
Why it came out of my right leg above the knee I don't know.
If there is a hidden meaning to the dream I think it is telling me to watch my stress levels. They have been high as of late.
My hubby thinks I've been really tired lately, maybe the dream has to do with being drained of energy.
It seems like harsh symbolism to me, but I am bothered enough by it to slow down and take it easy.

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