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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Different Perspective

I am taking a photography course at the local university and one of my homework assignments was to take photos of something from different angles. There are lots of fallen leaves around right now and this one caught my attention. Its kind of a good lesson on life as well to be able to look at things from all perspectives, and how just changing one aspect of something can change the whole picture and view.
Looking at something from only one angle such as the top part of this leaf leaves out the entire back view. And if you can only look at something from one angle you are not seeing the big picture.
We just had a big shake up at work where the director's changed the entire schedules of the employees who work at our company. Of course they are only going to give a number of reasons for such a drastic change, maybe one or two perspectives without giving the entire big picture. It doesn't help the staff who want to see why something like this that affects them so much could happen and they can only see a partial picture.
I guess some things are only visible in hindsight.
I think those might the harder lessons in life to learn.

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