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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Special Gift

Meet my Mom!!
My mom has been gone now for the past 16 years and even though it has been a long time the memories are there and every now and then something or someone can bring them to the surface.
Usually its something like a certain day or a holiday which she is not here for. Her birthday, my birthday or a holiday like Christmas. Mom was a great cook. Cooking was something she got into more after she retired and had the time to peruse those Bon apetit books that scattered all around her house. When we went to visit all we had to do was say what it was we felt like eating and a memorable meal was on the table. This is one of her baby pictures. I can see a bit of me in this picture, I can see my daughter.
Its funny how history kind of repeats itself. We all probably have pictures of ourselves in same poses as those photos we find of our parents!!

I don't have far to wonder where my love of certain things came from. Mom loved taking pictures and I inherited one of her cameras when she passed away. I loved looking through her photo albums of all the places she travelled to and seeing other worlds I have not been to through her eyes. She had a beautiful garden on the side of a hillside overlooking the ocean and I learned my love of flowers there.
This picture is my Uncle's Norman and Robert with Mom. I would of laughed too to see my Uncle Bob with that nose!!
This picture has to be my favorite. I would love to know what she laughed at, what she was seeing in this picture that brought the smile to her face. I cannot help smiling just looking at it.
It reminds me that even though I knew a lot of my Mom, really there were probably more things I did not get to know. I wish I had asked the questions, listened for the answers more, been less eager to leave all the nest behind and instead pulled up a chair and had a good laugh or two more with her. If I knew then what I would one day miss I might of done just that.
I miss my Mom tonight and I am ever grateful to my Uncle Bob who sent me these gifts, these pictures tonight.
This gift means the world to me.

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Anonymous said...

I see your face in hers, mostly:
- where she is standing beside a setter pup
- in your favorite photo of her laughing.

Since the study of family history became a passion (not 'just a hobby'), I have regretted not asking questions of the grandparents. Too busy enjoying our visits I guess. Asking questions of any adult seemed so inappropriate to me as a child. How about you? Was it acceptable to ask questions and did you feel heard? In many families then, including mine, children were to be seen, not heard.

I enjoy reading your journal entries, straight from the heart.
Love, Jane