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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gym Day

I did it!! I finally broke my spell or whatever it was and got to the gym. From going three to four times a week to suddenly nothing for the past four weeks it was very hard to get past the block about going. I had every excuse in the book to not go each day and each day it just got harder and harder to even try to make myself go. I phoned my friend Kathie and asked her if she wanted to go, that was the only thing I am sure that got me out of the house today. If she had said no, who knows. And I knew too that all it was going to take was one time to break the spell.
Why do we have to be our own worst sabatogeur? Is that even a word? I have used every excuse in the book not to go such as the snow on the ground, the rain on the ground, the time of day or night, you name it when I put up the obstacles I can really keep the train of thought going.
I am going tomorrow afternoon as well. Now that I have started again, lets pray I can keep up the momentum!!!

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Country Girl said...

Yay! What a good post for this time of year. And yes, saboteur is definitely a word and we are oftentimes our own worst one!!
I do know that you're not alone in the 'getting back into the grove' thing. I think most people have this problem.