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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Its a Wonderful World

Do these pictures look as cold as it was when they were taken? It snowed tiny little flakes all day yesterday and this is what accumulated from the snowfall. The snow is powdery and light, and did I mention cold!! 
You can't make a snowball out of it to throw.

When you walk in it, the footsteps make a crunching sound.

It just compacts it down when you drive on it. And if you spun your wheels enough you could make a thin layer of ice.
This is our favorite park to visit in Medicine Hat. To get down to it you have to go down a steep winding long hill, with a drop off if you were so inclined to slide over the side on your way down. 

You can see it is quite deserted out here because most people are too scared or is that too smart to attempt the hill down and then back up again! 

The Sand cliffs across the water from Echodale park. The geese flying over the river.
One thing about snow on a sunny day, its so bright it almost hurts to really open your eyes.

Love the shadows.

The temperature today is -8Celcius, in other words Cold!

I think these winter pics of Echodale are just one example of What a Wonderful World it is we live in!!


Kathy McB said...

Oh my...as beautiful as this truly is...I'm just not ready for it yet myself. I'm hoping it waits til closer til Christmas for snow here. BUT, it IS downright gorgeous! That second photo is fantastic with the sun flare coming thru the trees and the shadows cast on the white snow from the trees. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography. Stay warm!

Ida said...

Brrr...that's pretty cold. It hasn't gotten nearly that cold here yet. I'm not a winter person although I do think it looks pretty. I just hate driving in it so I wouldn't have attempted the hill. My favorite shot was the Sand Hill with the geese. These are lovely, wintery shots.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Beautiful! I hope a cup of hot cocoa was in your future after taking these shots.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Can take the cold as long as there is blue sky♪ Lovely shots.

robin. said...

if the snow is crunching...it is cold!!!

Kenya G. Johnson @ KenyaGJohnson.com said...

I would NOT have guessed that it was THAT cold. My goodness. Beautiful shots.