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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project 52 - Sweet Shot Tuesday

Project 52 - Sweet Shot Tuesday
I had a hard time deciding what I was going to take a photo of today . It's been a day of waiting  I could of taken a photo of the snow that fell overnight, but I was waiting to see if it stopped, which it did, and I was waiting to see it melt which it did as well. I waited for the temperature to warm up, but it really didn't do that. I waited for a  bit of energy to get myself going, and that was a hard time coming.
 I waited all day for a phone call I have been expecting, and it didn't come in today.
Lots of waiting, not much to show. Until tonight.
My hubby and I went out for supper tonight with our daughter Lora  to Tumbleweeds Restaurant. That was worth the wait!!
So I am going to share what we ate for dinner!
My hubby had a Bison Ribeye Steak and fries. That dipping sauce was to die for! 

Lora had Seafood Fettucine. See that smiley face on her Scallop!

My dinner was Kung Pao Crispy Sesame Pork and Prawns. I have at least half of it which I brought home and I plan on eating it for breakfast tomorrow. How decadent will that be!

Dessert was Banana Cream Pie. It should of been illegal! The bananas were bananas Foster, flambee'd in rum and the sauce poured warm over banana custard. Whipped cream Oh my gosh, Lora and I shared this decadent dessert!

My hubby had a slice of Saskatoon berry Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream. 

The view of the bar area just ahead of where we were sitting;

And the doorway where we came into the eating area of the restaurant. It was a delicious dinner and we enjoyed our time with Lora.

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Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Oh, my, that looks delish! Bison? Never tried that before, but it looks like a treat.