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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finally, a Storm!

We are located in an area  of Alberta right now that is famous for its fast and furious storms, so needless to say we have been waiting and waiting for one to show up. Finally we were rewarded! It was amazing how this storm blew in in about ten minutes time, chilled the air and darkened the skies, winds blew like crazy, and hail and snow fell. At the peak of the storm we were rewarded with one big flash of lightning and a crack of thunder so loud and powerful that it shook the house and rattled the china in the cabinet. I've never heard a crack of thunder that loud!
I ran out the front door to snap a few pictures, and almost got blown off my feet with the force of the wind. Two big tumbleweeds rolled down the street so fast I never managed to catch a photo of them. The clouds went from white and puffy, to grey and ominous, to black.

Some other brave souls out on the street checking out the incoming storm.

When the hail started it dropped pea size hail balls and they came down almost sideways.
My hubby and I were so excited to see our first storm, we were running back and forth between the front door and the back door to try and see as much of it as we could. My sister, who lives here and has seen many a storm just shook her head at our little back and forth frenzy to take it all in!  It's not new when you have seen lots of storms.

A half hour after the storm started it moved on. We only had that one crack of thunder, and it was gone. Now I am waiting again for storm number 2!!! 


LV said...

I cannot imagine anyone being excited over a storm. We hate seeing them in Texas. Thank goodness yours did not do a lot of damage. They can be deadly.

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

I love a good storm, but wow, I'm not sure I'd like thunder that loud!

Nicki said...

If 'a good storm' didn't always come with 'a loss of power' around my neck of the woods, I too would look forward to them. I remember as a young girl we would sit on the neighbor's porch and count between the lightening and the thunder to determine how soon the storm would hit. Simpler times, more easily amused.

ladyfi said...

How dramatic. Lovely shots of the world bleached of colour.

Liz Needle said...

Pretty scary. We have storms like that and they do a lot of damage to0 the fruit crops around here. Very dramatic pictures.