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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Road Trip

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley
A few pictures from our recent road trip from our place in Abbotsford out to Medicine Hat in Alberta. These photos were taken while driving through Roger's Pass, the road up and over the Rocky Mountain pass. A fresh snowfall the evening before made the roads very slippery and dangerous with ice and snow. 
I just know that this is not the way to park your 18 Wheel Semi. We slid a bit on a patch of ice just before rounding the corner and coming upon this accident. 
This pass was one of the areas that I was scared to travel through.
Winter in these areas of B.C. are a dangerous time for travelling or road trips.

We made it to our destination in one piece, thanks to my Hubby who is an awesome driver n any kind of road condition. Left to my own devices I would of flown out rather than drive!!



ClickNCamera said...

Very scary! Wonderful photos and blog...enjoy your day!

lisa said...

Oh my! What a terrifying ride for the driver this must have been. Hope everyone was okay. As beautiful as the white stuff is, it's sometimes very treacherous for travel.

Kim, USA said...

I so hope nobody was hurt.

Visiting from Water World Wednesday

Pat said...

Beautiful but dangerous. Glad you made your destination safely.

laura lok said...

and that is really the only reason I hate winter is the traveling in it very scary