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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley
Here I am again ready to try my hand at another year of Project 52! I actually managed to complete all 52 weeks of the last year's project 52 and I am stoked to do it again! 
The other day it was super foggy with Ice Fog and Frost galore so I took my camera for a walk in the park behind our house. This photo was taken of a drawing of graffiti on a metal box that had been scratched out after, leaving this pattern. The sun was shining through the chain link fence directly on the graffiti, lighting it up like this. I thought it made a cool statement! 
My first writing of the challenge!

 Scattered Horizons



Anonymous said...

I love your photos!! I wish I could learn your techniques!! Amazing!

Liz said...

Great catch! Happy New Year!

Sushi Galore
Rainbow Roll

Stephanie said...

You really had a good eye to capture that shot. It's quite unique.

EG CameraGirl said...

WOW! Very nice!

lorik said...

I love all your reflections images... but my favourite is the orange one you shared on MoM. It really is magical. Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

I just changed my header - but then, I am not moving house! I like the header image you have - but you have other beautiful ones to choose from:)

Judy said...

All the textures make for an interesting image!!