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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finding the Flood Waters

Scenic Sunday
Problems such as late Spring arrival and unseasonably cooler, wetter temperaturers and slower snow melt have come together now at the beginning of Summer to create a series of Flood problems all along the Fraser River from Prince George right down to the mainland. We went out yesterday and snapped a few photos of flooded areas, here are some of those!
This area of the marina is actually a sloped drive down to lower boats into the river. The wharf usually slopes down along but is now floating in the flood water.
This was taken at Matsqui Park along the bank of the Fraser River. A hiking trail runs along here by the fence.
Not safe for picnics at the moment!
This road leads down to the entrance of the camping areas.
The Mission Abbotsford bridge.
The Flood Water Markers on one of the Spans of the bridge. The dates mark the past floods in this area that were devestating to the areas and people who live by the river.
There is a road under there somewhere. These trees have to survive the occasional floodwaters that happen here.
A road to the camp area under water.
There are picnic tables under this area, and the yellow is actually a lid on a garbage can.
The information sign and a view of the bridge.
All these photos are straight out of the camera as well. More later, do not want to flood you with too many photos!!!

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