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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

These are a few of this week's favorite things!
Blue flowers
Sunny days
Rainy days like today spent in the Coffee Shop with my hubby.
Barbeque for dinner.
The new book I am reading on my E-Reader!
Going for walks with my camera.
Blasting the radio in my car on the way to work.
Sitting outside at the table and enjoying the warmth of the evening.
Reading in bed with my two cats splayed out on the bed.
Coconut Lattes
Sangria Tea ice cold.
Purple Flowers.
Sleeping in, not having to wake up to the alarm.
Blues music loud on the radio.
Salty Triscuit Crackers
These are a few of my favorite things!!


Dances With Crayons said...

A little note to say hello and I'm thinking of you. And a thankyou from Skiddy D'Kittykat too - he's enjoying pictures of flowers today! Big Hugs, Jane

Anonymous said...

those are so beautiful and I love how in a very delicate way you applied the textures! they look wonderful!

Stan said...

Lovely!! I like the selective focusing.