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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can it finally get any nicer than it was today?? Summer has finally arrived in all its blue sky splendor. Its warm and a bit breezy outside, perfect boating weather, if I only had a boat!! Here are a few boats doing what would be oh so nice on a summer day to do!!
And another slightly larger boat!!

And a larger boat, I think this one is a tour boat.

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hip-chick said...

Oh they do look nice. The summer weather has been a little to summery around here. We are in the midst of a wicked heat wave. I'm ready for it to cool down into the 80's.

Jan n Jer said...

Best place to be in a heat wave like we are having here in the eastern USA.

Arija said...

I really liked the bow waves and wakes in the first too photos.

wenn said...

great photos!