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Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's Favorite Five

1) Hard to believe it is already January, of a new year and a new decade. This time last year we were digging out of a couple feet of snow. So today one of my favorite things is the green! Sure we are having a bunch of rainy, soggy days, but I am loving not having to shovel it or be stressed having to drive in the snow.
2) Avatar 3D. What a wonderful movie to watch. The theater was packed, and everyone with their Blues Brothers Style 3D glasses. It was quite fun to see. The movie in 3D was magical. We sat close to the front of the theater and so some of the effects seem to float all around us. I highly recommend going to see this movie!
3) Facebook. Lately I have had contact with old friends from high school days thanks to a recent school reunion and a facebook page for my graduating class. It has been nice to catch up on all our lives since we parted ways in school.
4) Polarizing filters for my camera. I have been out and about getting used to them. My hubby gave them to me for Christmas. I love new toys for my camera!
5) Cinnaparts from McDonalds. These cinnamon buns are just evil but oh so good. Little pillows of soft sweet dough bathed in brown sugar and cinnamon and bathed in icing. That and a cup of coffee makes a sinful breakfast, which two days this week at work we all enjoyed. I guess the diet might start next week.

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Susanne said...

No, no, don't tell me McDonalds has good cinnamon buns. Oh the temptation to run right out and try them!

I have got to get my hubby out to see Avatar. He loves 3D movies.

Karyn said...

Cinnamon buns at Micky D's? One more reason to stay away...LOL

I may just have to go see a 3D movie one of these days...sounds like an experience to remember.

Facebook is fun - as long as you don't get too hooked on it! I've curtailed much of my facebook activity lately...but it is great for hooking up with long lost friends and relatives! Have fun reconnecting!

Willow said...

I wish I didn't know about the cinnaparts now. :)

I've been hearing everyone talk positively about Avatar! I wonder if I can get The Professor to go...

Reconnecting with old friends has been great on Facebook!

Have a happy weekend!