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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bacon Explosion


My son Eric is the guest cook on this segment, cooking up for us one of his specialties. I have seen this recipe before but never tasted it or seen it made. It is not for the faint of heart, literally, this recipe is all about the pork!!
Above is some of the ingredients:
2 pounds Mild or if you like Hot Italian Sausage.
2 pounds of Maple cured Bacon
Barbeque Sauce.

To form the base of the Bacon Explosion weave together two pounds of bacon strips into a basket weave. By the time you are done you have a large rectangle of weaved bacon formed.

Meet my son Eric. Here he is combining 2 pounds sausage meat with onions, celery, peppers, and barbeque sauce. He is going to spread this over top of his bacon lattice.

Overtop of this layer he spices it to his liking and then adds a  layer of Jalepeno Havarti Cheese.

Now it is all ready to roll up into a log. Using the layer of Parchment Paper under the bacon to roll it up into a bacon log. Tuck in the ends carefully as well. Place the whole thing carefully onto a cookie sheet and brush liberally with Barbeque Sauce.

Bake this bad boy in  a 375 degree oven for about one hour. You probably will have to drain off some of the bacon fat while it cooks. Your house will smell divine!!

And here it is!! It really is wonderfull!

We served this with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and some Brussel Sprouts and Brocolli Crowns that I also roasted in some of the bacon fat.

If you choose to make this, you can play around with the ingredients to suit your own tastes. You can make a meatloaf mixture out of the sausage and add any of your favorite ingredients and spices to the mix. You can use your own favorite cheeses. The sky is the limit!!
I hope you try it out at least once!

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