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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Survivor Appy's

Every Thursday evening we all congregate next door to watch Survivor at my friend Sally's place. We bring appetizers and a bottle of wine to share with everyone who comes. It is a lively evening and if you don't arrive early you can't get the coveted couch spots to sit and watch. There is always lots of good food to try and wine to drink and company to visit with and catch up each of our weeks activities with. I think watching Survivor is really an excuse to all get together once a week and see everyone.
For Survivor night tonight, I am making toothpick skewers. These are dill pickles, pickled onions, gourmet olives, jalepeno cheddar cheese and hot pepperoni cut up into bit size pieces and threaded onto toothpicks in whatever combos you like!! The Cast of Characters
Everything cut up and ready to skewer onto toothpicks!!

And here they are!! The combinations of different flavours make this a tasty snack!!
I have my toothpick skewers and my bottle of Shiraz and so off I go next door to watch Survivor!!
Anyone here watch it as well? Who is your favorite to win???

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