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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today's Flowers

Here is a Dahlia from the summer past. It reminds me of those paper wreaths we used to make when we were kids, for Christmas decoration for the door.
Does anyone remember those??
Anyways, I am always a bit sad to see these works of nature disappear for another year. Summer seems so far away when you have to wait for flowers like these.


jennyL said...

beautiful flower, here in our part of the world it's summer all the time, and these flowers grow all year long.

My entry is here:

Arija said...

To each thing there is a season..enjoy the season at hand lest there not be another aroud the corner. Autumn and winter are their own little wonderlands.

Dulce said...

Dahlias will return next year. Beautiful one you captured!

Quiet Paths said...

I used to grow these; this a beautiful flower - so delicate and yet very resilient!

Anonymous said...



Ida said...

Beautiful flower.
Lovely memories. :)

Denise said...

Dahlias are such beautiful flowers, the color of yours is lovely and this is a great photo.

jenifer said...
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