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Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple Pie and a Chicken

I can never get the order right for putting pictures in here, sometimes they go in backwards, sometimes not. Anyways, there I go digressing again....
The Apple pie pictured here is amazing in that I don't bake pies. This is the first pie I have baked in over 15 years. I am not good with crusts at all. I can do filling but the wheres and whys of crusts escape me.
You can tell on the crust that it is a sorry looking thing. I got the bottom crust okay but the top crust just fell apart. I finally gave up and took chunks of dough, rolled them into long strands and laid them over the top of the pie.
This was what it looked like when it was all put together. Kind of sad and ugly don't you think!!
This chicken thinks so. And it was ever so glad it was not the Thanksgiving Turkey that we all scarfed down last night before the pie.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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