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Friday, October 10, 2008

Skywatch Friday

I had to go into my pictures to find a picture for Skywatch Friday so here is a picture over the skies of Victoria, B.C. Right now I would like to be on a plane jetting away to someplace calm and rejuvenating to take the stress away.
Do you ever look up into the skies when you see a plane go by and wonder, I wonder where that plane is going?? I do it all the time. And at times I wish I could be on that plane.
On a very sad note, this is my cat Minnie. I came home on Tuesday to find Minnie had passed away. She was only 10 years old and I thought she was in good health. I don't know why she died. My other cat, Speed is totally lost. He is 8 years old and has lived his life with her. My hubby is devastated, He was Minnie's "human". He is very sad.


SandyCarlson said...

That's a wonderful shot. Thanks!

Migs CFL fan said...

Great pic. Thanks for sharing!



lucy said...

First...let me say how sad I am for the loss of your sweet Minnie. They take a piece of us with them when they go. I know your pain.

I too know the aching to be on a plane that will take us somewhere other than where we are...I can imagine that is truly how you feel today.

Thank you for sharing and I would love to share my sky with you if you get a chance.

Enigma said...

A wonderful shot and thought. Get on the plane when you want to...don't wait. I am so sorry to hear about Minnie, too. EnigmaDaughter lost one of her two cats last summer. Traumatic for all of us.

Dirk said...

I agree that when I'm looking at the sly and see a plane, I ask the samequestion sometimes.
I am sorry to hear about the loss of Minnie, only 10 years old. Our cat Gizmo is 11 years old and we will miss him when he is gone.

Live said...

Cool plane shot. I also wonder about where planes are going - and who the people on the planes are. And I always wish I were on it - I LOVE to travel, but am currently traveling very small circles right here on the farm. So sorry to hear about your cat. What a loss. (reluctantfarmchik)

imac said...

Great shot for skywatch - sorry to hear bout your Kitty.

Arija said...

I had a marmelade cat called Minnie too, she used to sit up like a dog begging and wave one paw at me and talk away to me while I did the washing up. She too went to the great white Tom in the sky when still youngish. I understand how you both feel, especially her significant other. It's hard when you lose a member of the household.

Ida said...

I'm so sad to hear about Minnie.

Your Sky Watch photo is very nice.

I've been looking at some of your other posts and pictures.
Your flower shots are beautiful.

I like your blog very much.
I will add you to my bloglist. Hope it is ok. :)
I will be back.
See you around.
Take care.

Beast regards from Ida in Norway.

I've been to Canada by the way.
A beautiful country.
I liked Vancouver a lot! :)

Quiet Paths said...

I do have the same sensation when I see planes flying overhead. This looks like a small engine craft - my brother used to fly one. I am so sorry for your Minnie. It is so hard to lose anyone loved in the house...

Deslilas said...

So sad to loose a cat ( or a dog).
They are such good friends.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Oh Minnie was such a beautiful cat, I am so sorry, I know you will miss her so much.