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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Have you ever decided you are going to make some changes and you make a plan for those changes and start following the path to success in accomplishing those goals?
You take each step along the path one by one and slowly but surely you are crossing each step along the way off the list and are closer and closer to accomplishing your goal. 
Success is just around the corner, heck you can almost see it! 
And then out of nowhere you are hit by an obstacle. You didn't see it coming until it was almost on you. And it steamrolls you.That obstacle steamrolled me but good.
Last week I showed you a photo of me stuck on the couch with my injured leg. 
I just found out yesterday after the MRI results came in that it is fractured. Now another hospital trip later and a trip to the Specialist and I am in a traction splint cast and crutches for the next month minimum. No weight bearing. No running down nice paths such as these photos for now. 
No suntanning one leg, or dipping my toes in the lake. 
So now I have my goal still in my sights, but I have to adjust the outcome I'd set to achieve it. 
Sometimes the best laid plans have to be laid aside.
You have to be ready for Plan A to lead to Plan B or even on to Plan E, F or G. 
Have you ever been hit by your own particular brand of Steamroller???
Do share!


Kimberly Vensel said...

Looks like a beautiful place to walk or bike! Sorry to hear about the break! Hope you heal quickly and are able to take it easy for a while!

Kaya said...

I read what you wrote and I love it so much. I used to think big, right now I think small and take these little steps. You wrote about them so beautifully.

That is beautiful path to walk. It's shady and surrounded by tall trees. Very beautiful pictures!!!

Leave It To Davis said...

Bummer! Been hit by steamrollers, but none of them broke or fractured my bones! I feel for you. Hope you heal quickly and are back on the path to success!

Nancy said...

I broke my middle toe about 3 weeks ago and I thought that was a bummer. Now I feel somewhat foolish.

I don't believe everything happens for a reason, but somehow this (big) bump has now become part of your journey. Big hugs and hoping for a fast recovery!

Alexander said...

I hope you will get well soon. Glad you are fine.

Life is like that isn't it? Never smooth sailing. Been through lots of failures and obstacles, but we all learn from it. I always believe failures and obstacles are there for a reason. May be it is a lesson we must learn in our journey through life. The purpose of it will only become clearer in the distance future.

Take care

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