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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finding the Pot of Gold

Lets have a Barbeque and a Fire my sister said. The sky is blue and the wind is calm, so its a good night for a fire don't you think???
So the Barbeque was good, we all ate a huge amount of Barbequed Ribs, finger licking good! 

But that sky was getting cloudy and dark and looking a bit ominous.

And when the match was struck to light the fire, it started to rain. And rain. And Thunder and Lightning. So what to do when it rains on your fire, move your chairs against the house under the eaves so that the only thing that gets wet is your knees and feet!

But it wasn't a complete rain out!. Into every life a little rain will fall. The rainbow at the end is a huge reward for bit of rain.

You can make plans, look forward to the results, but the outcome may not be what you planned!
And no matter what, its all good!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

You obviously made the best out of the situation -- gorgeous rainbow!

Carol said...

You are so right! What a great post and thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your week! Blessings!

Indrani said...

What a reward! It is beautiful!

Kara said...

Beautiful. We had a full double rainbow just like that one a few weeks ago.

Ida said...

Oh that double rainbow is gorgeous!
Had to chuckle at everyone huddled under the eaves but hey you all made the best of the situation and had a good time in spite of the weather.

Stanley Hattman said...

Woo Hoo! Great double rainbow!! Hope you eventually got to BBQ.