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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley
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A couple of days ago we went for a walk out at Echodale Park in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Beautiful sunny day with temps above freezing. The snow was melting revealing some treacherous patches of ice underneath, but careful footing made for a beautiful walk around the lake. 
We took my sister's dog Molly with us and of course my camera, which has not been out much for a walk lately!!
The frozen lake above.

Loved the way the light played off the bare limbs of the tree.

A small bridge to cross over to the frozen lake.

Another group of visitors to the park had built a big fire and were making lunch.

My sister and I - shadow shot!

Molly the fearless Maltese!

My hubby and I are really enjoying the sunshine here. It rains a lot in B.C. where we are from.

Farming artifact parked along the road entering into the park.

You can see how much of the snow has gone. 

Just playing with framing photos, here trees framed between trees.

My hubby off in the distance coming toward us.

Which branch to take???

Reflections in the water under the table.


The red cliffs behind gave thier name to the town of Redcliffe, just outside of Medicine Hat, where both of our kids live.
The end of a beautiful walk on a beautiful day!!


Meta said...

Så vacker omgivning ni har. Måste vara härligt att gå där och bara ha det bra.
Bilderna är ju helt otroligt vackra.
Ha en fin vecka
Kram Meta

Lissa Forbes said...

MsDewberry, I love you accounting of your adventure with your sweet Molly. She looks like my Kobi does after a walk in snow-covered areas ... brown on the bottom, white on top! LOL You got some great captures of light playing in the trees. Sweet. Thanks so much for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays! Do come again. ;->

I absolutely LOVE your banner pic!!!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Great shots.

laura lok said...

great shots and molly is adorable