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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lowly Hummingbird

This tiny Hummingbird never leaves the area for winter. You can go down to Mill Lake Park and see him hanging out on the tree branches at the side of the lake. The people living next to the lake feed him through the winter. I think he is too comfortable to fly south for winter.

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Fjällripan said...

Beautiful texture in this photo! :)

Springman said...

Buzy life, that of a hummingbird, always on alert!

Larry said...

Beautiful texture in this photo. I love seeing the hummers in the tree tops. Many times you can hear, then see, the male dive display when you see them sitting in the tree tops.

Pat said...

Beautifully processed silhouette shot!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Wow. He truly has a home. We are at the end of the return migration and I still have a few feeding. I always look forward to the winter migration because they don't mind the clicking of the camera as long as they get something to drink.

JohnJohn said...

nice shot on the cute hummingbird on the tree.. it looks great! =_) visiting from 366 BPC