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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White

I like to see trees in different areas, trees that are subject to different growing conditions and environments and see how they adapt to the areas. The trees in Alberta where I just returned from vacation are subject to very cold winters, very warm summers and dry conditions. There aren't many of them so some have to survive the elements out in the open. You see how they bend to the wind, grow to their evironments.

At their bases are scrubby bushes, so they rely on the falling leaves each year to supply the nutrients they need to continue to survive. They grow kind of scrubby and thin, reaching for the sky.
We can take a lesson or two watching trees grow and survive!
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Dragonstar said...

These photos show so clearly how living things adapt. It's easy to see here, but conditions affect all life - even ours - in many less obvious ways. You've made me think!

Genie said...

Your trees are lovely. I, too, find it so interesting how they adapt to their environs. My son lives iN Seattle, and I am always amazed at the one sided growth on so many of the trees out that way. You have an excellent eye and have captured these beautifully. Great shots!

michael bird said...

Great blog entry, Ms Dewberry. Both the photos and the words are excellent. Especially like the top photo.

Donalyn said...

I love gnarly trees!

Serline said...

They have a bonsai look to them, especially the first tree, as if yearning to tell us what they had been through...