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Monday, March 29, 2010

Macro Monday

I've been working on some dewdrops lately, trying to get the drops clear.
I have a ways to go. I need more practise!!
These are tulip leaves after a rain shower.
And a tulip bulb as well for you....
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Tammie Lee said...

I just love plants dressed in raindrops!

gel said...

Hi there,
I'm fascinated with water. This is a beautiful sequence. I love the dewdrops "clearness" against that lush spring green.

Happy MM!

Country Girl said...

OMGosh! These are great! You should enter one of them in Pioneer Woman's photo assignment this week. The theme is 'green'.

Thanks for playing along in my Q&A this week. Love reading the answers and getting ideas for books. I'm glad to hear Photography makes you feel good.