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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leading me down the Garden Path.

I love paths. I find them symbolic of life and the paths my life takes. I am always drawn to walk down a path, especially one where I am not able to see the end of the path. I have to find out where it leads. For me it is like opening a gift at Christmas. You know something is about to be revealed, its a surprise right up until the gift is opened and revealed. Isn't my life kind of like that? I am given choices each day, different choices to make that will set me on a different pathway for each choice I make. I can't see where it might lead, or I might have a good idea where the path is going, I have only the choice to make to set my feet on the path and move forward on it.
Sometimes the paths have obstacles to overcome, hills I might not want to climb, rocks littering the path to dodge. Lessons along the way. Put your foot here and see what lesson you will be given. Sometimes the path scares me and I stand in one spot, unable to move forward, not wanting to go back either. I think we all have times like that.

Sometimes our paths are lined with gold. Every step we take is new and exciting and we have to restrain our steps so we don't go barrelling through life and miss half the scenery. A simple straight forward stroll is sometimes the most rewarding.
There is always something to be learned by venturing down the paths we encounter.


vnv4 said...

I, too, love paths. I enjoyed how you expressed yourself here and the pictures were very nice. I would like to walk down them. Nice blog.

FA said...

Profound and inspiring post!

msdewberry said...

Thank you !!

Gary Heller said...

I am also intrigued by paths, as i think most of us are. They perhaps symbolize the journey which for me is always the best part.
Also, the mystery and intrigue of a path to a place unknown stirs the temptation and curiosity in us all.
Lovely photographs