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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today's Flowers

Today's addition to Today's Flowers are signs of spring coming.
This is a new bud on a tree I found yesterday. I think it also looks like a bug as well!! But for sure it promises that spring is almost here and new life is blooming!! Another sure sign of spring is Pussy Willows!! I love thier soft puffy bodies.

This is a sign of fall past I know but I thought it was so beautiful and delicate I had to add it here. It is a dryed seed pod of some plant, I don't know but I thought it was intricate and golden with its little hidden treasure inside.
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Race said...

pussy willows are so cute!

Jama said...

I love that picture of the dried pod, look almost like a pendant!

guild-rez said...

Sure signes of spring..
Great pictures!!

Arija said...

Pussy Willows and Lacy Lanterns...
how utterly lovely!

Anonymous said...

This is the picture Lorna - the one that looks like a little golden pod with the red seed inside!! They're all stunning of course, but this one even lives in my mind.
Love, Jane