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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photography wisdom

I have been thinking a lot about this hobby of photography I have developed in the past year lately. A couple of problems at work that have come up and my having to manage the situations of it have got me thinking of correlations with photography about it.
I am a visual person so it really helps me to find something that resonates with me to help me work out things that are bothering me.
I have a fairly new Nikon D80 camera and a couple of lens to go with it, and am also learning Photoshop. I have a vision in my head of what I see when I go to take a picture but somehow the vision never seems to match what the actual picture ends up out of the camera looking like. I wonder sometimes if I am really seeing through the lens what my mind thinks it sees or if thats false and the end picture is really out there. Maybe instead of adjusting the buttons, fooling around with the picture in Photoshop I should really be looking at how I seem to be seeing things. Maybe what I see and what turns up are both the right things. Maybe I am just not seeing it. So how does this relate to the problem at work I am trying to solve??
One of my staff is having real personality problems with another staff member. When you cut through the layers both are really having communication problems with the other. They are passionate about their version of the same coin but they each see it in totally different ways. Neither one of them are wrong but they are both having problems expressing it. Like me with my camera pictures they see one thing and not the other and don't see where it is both the same thing. I don't know if any of this makes any sense. I guess if it makes sense to me and how I am seeing things right now then it must.
I need to be able to look at my photos through the eyes of people who say to me, wow, that is a really cool picture when I am seeing ho-hum or totally not what my vision of it was to start with. Communication is like looking at what other's are saying and trying to understand that perspective with it too.
Enough of this rambling. Onward we go.......

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Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. Maybe one day you will publish these journals? Thanks Lorna. Love, Jane