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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Another Halloween has come and gone and I still suffer the remains of the day here in the form of a big bowl of leftover candy that did not get given out. We bought enough candy to cover the number of kids we had last year but there were noticeably fewer kids this year. Now I am stuck with this huge bowl of leftover temptation. And I have substituted a meal for this stuff as well.
I need to get my butt literally out the door and to the gym pronto to wear off a bit of the effects but the sugar high, or rather the sugar low is keeping me indoors. Not to mention the dark skies and the monsoon coming down at the moment. Who wants to go out in that??
As you can tell I am seriously lacking in motivation and overdosing in lethargy. We did get out for a bit before the heaven's opened yesterday and went trainspotting. We met another couple with wonderful cameras too who were making thier rounds and taking thier pictures and stood around waiting for trains and talking the talk.
Finally a train started toward us but as you can see in the picture one jogger racing ahead of the train as well. Now that could of been really bad as this is just a train trestle across the Fraser River with no place to hide on either side should the train overtake you. He was literally running for his life. It could of been a really horrifying thing to witness.
He did make it through with about ten seconds to spare, the train blasting his horn the whole way through, like the jogger did not know there was a train there.
I learned from the couple we met of a Photography Club here in my town and that it meets every first and third monday of the month so might just go tomorrow and check them out.
I am seriously going to try and motivate my sluggish body out the door and to the gym now. Wish me luck!!!

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2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm so glad I didn't deal with all of that candy this year. :-) I love that last shot. Awesome!