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Monday, November 3, 2008

Front Door Back Door Meme

Its monsoon season again here and all the work they have done on the back park amounts to us having a lake in the back, complete with a waterfall in the left corner that is trying to drain water from the upper field. Its not supposed to have any water on the upper field, the drainage tanks they installed under the grass is supposed to handle all that but obviously its not working very well. This next image is to the right of the lake, and it is looking like a bit of a lake as well. Really under that water is a river or supposed to be a river, lined with river rock that diverts the water from the upper section down to the lake aka water retention pond. Its a little overworked and over full right here.
The wavy red chainlink fence is just temporary I hope. That is my property line anyways.

You can see how deep this section is, so you can imagine how much rain has come down and is coming down.
The picture above and the picture below is out the front door. You can see the road is flooded as well. Look at the level of water on the front car tire. In the 8 years we have lived here we have never had flooding like that. And we have had worse rains than what is falling from the heavens here. I can't help but think the work they did on the park has something to do with it.

Check out my previous front door back door meme to see the differences.


dlyn said...

Wow Ms D - hope all is well. Has it stopped raining yet?

msdewberry said...

It stopped raining for a bit, like a half a day. It is still raining, forcast to rain the rest of the week. I need an ark!!