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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Remember me

Seriously, it has been so long since I last posted anything on my blog, I was not even sure if I remembered how to go about it. How sad is that. 
This was a spot I loved to share my photos on, and loved taking my camera out to find those photos that spoke to me and that I knew I'd bring here to share. Its been so long.
Somewhere along the way I lost that mojo, no matter that along the way things happened to give me a push to pick up my camera and get out there. I've even shown some of my photos in a recent gallery show and sold one of them there. I also just recently sold another photo that will be used as the front cover of a book. Shouldn't that tell me something? 
Hubby and I joined the local photography club here with the hope of meeting some like minded folks to share photography with. We've been to meetings, learned some things, met some nice people and gone on a field trip which I really enjoyed. Still didn't find the passion though I left in B.C. when we moved from there to here. 
At least by being here, I am trying to find some of it. Really want it back. 
This was taken at one of our local parks after a night of Fog, which caused all the trees to be covered with a thick coating of Hoar Frost. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The frost lasted for a few days and each day was a bright and sunny day which just made the frost sparkle like a million diamonds. The pictures I took can't even do it justice.
I'll see if I can keep it up here!


Ida said...

Welcome back! - What a lovely photo. I'm not a winter type person but the trees with frost on them like that can be so amazing and quite pretty.

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