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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Have a Heart or Two

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Have you ever carved yours and your lovers name in a heart on a tree? There are a few people here who did just that!
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I was taking some photos of birds and had leaned up  against these tree trunks without noticing the carvings of hearts and initials in the tree bark. When I moved away from that spot I noticed these!

The hearts and initials added some more rough textures to the already rough surfaces of the tree bark.
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Hearts for your Hearts Delight!


Country Girl said...

I wish I had your e-mail address so I could respond to your comments on my blog ~ cannot wait to see Walking Dead marathon on Sunday. I don't like being scared, ok maybe just a little. But I crazy like that show!

Country Girl said...

ps - my husband carved our initials into a tree a long time ago when we were 19 and dating. * sigh *

Laura said...


Clytie said...

I've never carved a heart into a tree, but when I was young I did put my initials there a time or two!

Seeing weathered hearts like this always makes me wonder about the people who carved them ... whether they are still together ... if they even remember carving them! :=}

Laura said...

thank you:-) my friend karen at happy hippy yoga chick helped me pick it out when we were studying phoenix rising yoga therapy together several years ago in Vermont.

Deborah said...


Georgianna said...

Hi Lorna!

What a wonderful find in the woods! A perfect subject to add textures to. I really think the black and white brings out the patterns and makes the emotion in the carvings stand out even more. I don't think I ever carved my initials in a tree. But I do see a "G" in your first photo. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo