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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day. I am a mother of two, both now adults and on thier own. I am also a daughter and a granddaughter.
My Aunt and Uncle recently posted a photo of my Grandmother so I thought I would share it here!
Its an old picture but it matches my memories of her. She has been gone now for just about 40 years but when I close my eyes, this is the vision I have of her. She lived a couple of miles from us when I grew up. I loved going to her house, helping water her plants, dust with the feather duster, go through her costume jewelry, turn the crank on the wringer of the washer. She made us homemade root beer popsicles, made Red Flannels and taught us how to make them, and always had a huge puzzle spread out on the kitchen table. She cut out the branches of the inside of the Willow tree where we had tea parties. She got her driver's license in her early sixties and she was a horrible driver. I admired though that she went and tryed something new. She taught me how to crochet and tryed to teach me how to knit. She never missed Lawrence Welk. A hug from her was soft as a pillow.
Her only daughter was my Mom. She has been gone now just about 20 years. Both my mom and Grandma died when they were each 66 years old. Here is a photo of my mother, her Graduation from Nursing photo.

I remember Mom getting ready for work, lining up the dress, the apron and the starched bib, the Nurses cap. The white stockings and shoes. Everything clean, crisp and white. Mom went every week to the hairdresser to get her hair done for the week. She did that for years before deciding to just let her hair style itself. I got my work ethic from Mom, in the day when most moms were stay at home moms, she worked. I think it made her a better mom. She loved good coffee, and loved butter. She was not afraid of spicy food. She was an awesome cook, in the last ten years of her life learning how to make all kinds of different dishes. I used to go over to her place for a bit of a getaway now and then and she made sure I had what I needed to rest, relax and rejuvanate. She never told anyone I was there, she kept my presence quiet and my stays at her place a quiet respite. She introduced me to Ovaltine, which I still love to drink. She gave up her recliner for me to sit in when I was at her place, her favorite chair. She used real cream, enjoyed good scotch, never cut the fat off a juicy steak, like to read books before bed, and taught me that we were worth the good things in life.
My mother and my grandmother in thier own ways showed me how to be the mother I am today to my kids.Thier memory lives on in me and we all will live on in the memory of the parents my own kids become.  
"Irene, Goodnight Irene, Irene Goodnight,Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene, I'll see you in my dreams!"
Happy Mother's Day to all moms here. Enjoy your special day!!
To see other photos of The Weekend in Black and White. please go and visit http://blackandwhiteweekend.blogspot.com/


Georgianna said...

This is such a beautiful tribute, Lorna. Very thoughtful and heartfelt. It's really lovely that you share it here. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day yourself. I'm sure your kids feel the same about you. – g

Regina said...

How wonderful!
Happy Mom's Day.

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful post! Those old photos aare great.

Amanda said...

A great homage. They are beautiful. I can tell you have your mother's eyebrows! Happy Mother's day to you too.

lisa said...

What beautiful memories and photographs you have!
I wish you a most wonderful Mother's Day!